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    Mid Feb-Mid April
    Detoxification is the Mantra of this season!!
    Digestive agni weakens after four months of winters and body needs to detoxify. Spring is the time to decrease heavy, oily, cold, fat-rich foods such as meat, seafood, poultry, dairy products, and foods cooked in oil. Increase your intake of foods that are bitter (like arugula), spicy (like radish), and astringent (like grapefruit) to promote cleansing of the liver, digestive organs, and blood. As a season its time for new greens, and that should reflect in your plate too. Have lot of greens this season
    -Practice viguorous exercise
    -Soups and Fresh Ginger tea with honey is excellent this season
    -Massage your body dily with warm seasme oil this season
    -Honey should be consumed daily as it avoids disease and helps detoxify
    -Fasting should be practiced for dietary balance and body de-toxification
    -Fermented food works wonders
    -Eat fruits before sunset
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    Mid April-Mid June
    Stay Cool and Hydrated!!
    Digestive agni further reduces during peak summer, resulting in high pitta and vaat in our body. We become more prone to digestive dis-orders, acnes, pimple and higher chance of hair fall
    - Keep yourself hydrated: Lot of coconut water, buttermilk, lemonades, salads and melons
    - Avoid greasy and spicy stuff
    - Massage your body with coconut oil
    - Add few dropd of rose water while taking bath
    - Go for walks later in the evening
    - Plant greens at home
    - Afternoon nap is recommended
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    Mid June-Mid August
    Increased vulnerability requires extra care towards health!!
    The digestive fire further dimnishes during the rainy season leading to weakness, blood related problems, skin problems, joint pains and digestive dis-order
    -Consume very simple, easily digestible light food
    -Avoid sleeping during day time, it further slows down the digestion process during rains
    -Brown rice, wheat, oats, soups, stir fries vegetables, green tea, ample water and honey are your best friends
    -Garlic, pepper, ginger, asafetida (hing), jeera powder, turmeric and coriander help enhance digestion and improve immunity.
    -Steam regularly and camphor oil massage is recommended
    -We tend to loose lot of hair this season, so increase milk products, nuts and soya products
    -Add a portion of overnight soaked almonds, walnuts to your breakfast
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    Mid August-Mid October
    Breeding period of diseases!!
    -Sharad Poornima has healing properties, hence a stroll during night is recommended on this day
    -Fasting is recommended and that’s the scientif reason of navratris during this season
    -Sleeping during day time should be avoided
    -Ginger butter, honey,jaggery,cumin,turmeric,cardamom,coriander,aniseeds etc. can be used in ample quantity
    -Cow’s milk, ghee, kheer, raisins and black grapes are especially recommended foods in this season.
    -Avoid heavy, fried, hot, spicy and sour foods
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    Mid October-Mid Feburary
    Indulge yourself finally!! :)
    Its a season to gorge on food, digestive agni is at its best.....
    - Add nuts to your diet
    - Increase the consumption of milk and its products
    - Eat delicacies made of seeame as it keeps your body warm and has is an incredible source of calcium
    - Oil massage for hair and skin is a must-coconut Oil works wonders
    - Have lot of oranges for pink cheeks
    - Have food rich in Vitamin E: Almonds, peanuts, spinach, pistachio, broccoli, carrots, turnips, walnuts, papaya, pumpkin, red pepper
    - Eat Jaggery
    - Amala is a must this season
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Vasanta (The Spring Season spanning the month of March and April)1 Grishma (The Summers spanning the months of May and June)2 Varsha (The Rains spanning the months of July and August)3 Sharad (The Autumn spanning the months of Sep and October)4 Hemanta & Shishir (The winter spanning the months of November -Feburary)5 Hemanta & Shishir (The winter spanning the months of November -Feburary)5
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