Go Natural Go Healthy
Aloe vera pulp mixed with few drops of lemon will just glow up your face. Keep a pot of Aloe vera at your place, it’s just an amazing low maintenance plant. Pluck a part and use it daily

Nothing works better for your hair then a luke warm mustard oil massage



Constant usage of nail paints can leave your nails yellow and brittle. Massage them with Jaitun oil and get shiny nails


Suffering from these notorious black heads, rub lemon juice morning and evening and leave it for 15 mins and your black heads will vanish
Want to get rid of pimples; Mix gram flour with honey and apply the mixture for 20 mins and rinse it off

During summers clean your skin with raw milk


Add few drops of lemon juice to raw milk and apply it to your face for 10 mins, it balances the oil content on your face
Facial hair is the curse for any girl, mix gram flour with turmeric and water and apply the mixture to your face. Rise it once it completely dries up
Split ends make your hair look unhealthy, take equal portions of castor and mustard oil and give your hair a good massage
Having a healthy skin and healthy hair is entirely related to our digestion system…a banana after dinner and papaya at lunch adds regulates digestion

Raw cucumber at night should be avoided it leads to indigestion and water over cucumber is big no…



However cucumber should be eaten in abundance during the day times as it’s a natural coolant, high on fiber and also regulates blood pressure



Raw onions eaten as salads are again a rich source of fiber and relives constipation



From now on say no to bed tea it leads to bad health, instead have lukewarm water with honey and lemon juice


Chickenpox or pimple marks; grind neem leaves and apply overnight, wash it in morning and in two months you will get a clear skin
  Mangoes regulate cholesterol   Have pomegranate daily it's good for skin and heart  
Sesame seeds are high on calcium, protein, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron

Plant marigolds at your place, they are natural mosquito repellants

Thumb rule: One Apple a day-No doctor, 1 tulsi leaf a day- No Cancer, I lemon a day-No Fat, 1 cup milk a day- No bone problems, 3 liters water a day-No diseases
Include these foods daily in your diet and see the difference: Green Tea, Almonds, Blue Berries, Yoghurt
  Walk more: Reduces probablity of brain stroke, enhances your memory, allieviates depression, good for bones          
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